Notion + Stable Diffusion =
A Dream Come True

Are you using Notion?
You want to use AI generated images without friction?
SlashDreamer introduces a new command: /dream

How does it work?

Our goal is to make image generation with Notion frictionless. We add a new command /dream which allows you to write your prompt. The generated images will be replaced directly below your prompt.

/dream monstera plant in a pot, in realistic style .
Generated Image
Begin Dream
SlashDreamer only awakes if you write slash followed by dream. The rest of the line is considered as prompt, until a dot.
Tells the AI what to draw. Writing a correct prompt is an art, and needs some practice.
End Dream
The dot tells us that you are done with writing the prompt. We will generate the prompt and insert the generated image below.

What does it cost?

We offer three plans. Choose according to your needs.

AI Artist Beginner

$0.99 /mo

You want to try Notion integration with Stable Diffusion?

  • 7 days trial

  • 15 images / month

  • 48h response time

AI Artist

$4.99 /mo

You want to experiment with AI image generation? This is for you!

  • 7 days trial

  • 100 images / month

  • 48h response time

AI Arist Pro

$9.99 /mo

You know how to write good prompts? This is for you!

  • 7 days trial

  • 300 images / month

  • 24h priority response time

  • Feature suggestions

Frequently asked questions

Why is SlashDreamer not free?
Generating images using AI is resource intensive. To cover the costs, we decided to make the service paid.
When can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription each month. You have 7 days to trial without any charge. The subscription starts after the trial.
Do you offer refund?
No, your credit card is charged after 7 days trial period. If you cancel within 7 days, no amount is charged.
Why do I need to give write permission to Notion?
SlashDreamer reads your prompt and replaces it with an image. In order to add the image to your Notion Page, we need write permission.
Who owns the generated images?
We don't own the right to the images. We use Stable Diffusion to generate them. The images are owned by you, under the terms provided by Stable Diffusion.
Are these questions actually frequently asked?
Not really. It is a nice format to easily give people some information. This answer is actually just here, so that the rest looks aligned.